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Welcome to something Well Different

The Porter building is the first office building in the UK to be awarded WELL Shell & Core certification

The Porter Building, Slough, has been designed and built to offer qualitative characteristics to benefit body and mind.

Shared amenity spaces located throughout the building offer places to play, relax and interact with others. Greater ceiling heights increase air flow and natural light and enhanced stair design, cycle parking and related facilities encourage physical activities throughout the working day.

Why? Simply because a wellbeing workplace creates happy, healthy and focused people that are good for businesses – they are more productive, enthusiastic and loyal to their employer (they take fewer sick days too).

Wellness at work is not a fad. That’s what some previously thought about sustainability which is now wholly mainstream.

We’re delighted that The Porter Building is the first office building in the UK to awarded WELL Core & Shell Certification through the International WELL Building Institute.


Improved air quality enhances individual cognitive function by up to 61%.

The Porter Building is served by 100% fresh air where possible, with central systems designed to meet best-practice standards for ventilation and filtration.

Materials used throughout the space have been specially selected to meet strict requirements, minimise sources of indoor air pollution, and enhance occupier health.

During construction, best-practice pollution management has been implemented to deliver optimal air quality throughout the space.

Source: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


By drinking enough water every day, people see a 14% increase in productivity at work and at home.

Drinking water is passed through a specialist triple filter treatment system – including innovative Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) technology – to deliver top quality drinking water at The Porter Building.

Source: University of East London


78% of employees feel more energised after opting for nutrient-rich snacks over high-sugar alternatives, whilst performing up to 45% more productively.

A variety of healthy food and drink choices will be available from restaurant and café facilities, accessible from both the main reception and at street level.

Reading materials, such as magazines and cookbooks, are provided to all occupiers to enable healthier food choices.

Source: CBRE and the University of Twente


Optimal lighting improves perceived employee performance by 18%, and delivers an objective improvement of 12%.

Natural light is maximised throughout The Porter Building, through floor-to-ceiling glazing and an impressive 5–storey glass atrium core in excess of 1,600 sq ft, ensuring that occupiers are never more than 9m from a window.

Installed lighting systems have been designed to best-practice standards for glare control to maximise occupier visual comfort.

Source: CBRE and the University of Twente


71% of employees feel healthier in offices which facilitate increased movement, and perform on average 12% more productively.

Open, welcoming stairs have been integrated throughout The Porter Building to increase movement by occupiers.

100 cycle racks, showers, and changing facilities are provided for both occupiers and visitors.

Source: Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health


Distracting noise can result in a 66% reduction in staff performance.

The Porter Building has been designed to achieve best-in-class acoustic and thermal performance requirements to deliver a quality working environment for maximum occupier comfort.

The building delivers flexible space where occupiers have the ability to add detail-focused quiet space and more collaborative break out environments.

Source: World Green Building Council


Employees perform up to 30% more productively when in an office environment that supports mindfulness.

The Porter Building integrates a variety of mindful design features, including triple-height glazing, a central glass atrium, and several biophilic elements.

A communal breakout space and terrace features a variety of planting, which provides a visual connection to the surrounding countryside.

Quality views are provided throughout all occupier spaces.

Several mature trees to the site exterior will provide a much-needed natural intervention in an otherwise urban environment.

Source: CBRE and the University of Twente

The Porter Building has been WELL certified ‘Gold’